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Arkrobot - A Disruptive Technology

Why do we need Warehouse Automation?

In a business, that requires storing and retrieving of huge number of product inventories, it becomes a critical factor to implement a quick and efficient automation solution. It is widely known that manpower dependency leads to delays, quality issues, inaccurate picking and slower pick rates, hence reduced throughput from a warehouse. A rapidly growing business which is looking to scale up, often faces this as a bottle neck when it comes to handling the surge of orders. An efficient and scalable order fulfillment system is therefore required to automate the process. The current process involves sending pick workers with a trolley to inventory locations. This is easier said than done when you have warehouses as big as many football fields! Therefore with Ark Robot, we bring the goods to the people and store them efficiently using data analytics such that the fastest selling items are always stored closest to the worker!

A properly Automated warehouse once implemented, becomes the backbone and growth accelerator of a business on which further expansion is possible. Long term benefits such as stability, consistency, lower cost of operation and accurate picking are some of the benefits of such an Automated warehouse. However it is necessary for such a technology to be cost effective and reliable such that a business can bet on it round the year. Arkrobot is developed around these lines for various Industry Segments including eRetail and Retail among others.

Focus: Ecommerce Industry Applications

Following are the problem areas ArkRobot solves for an ecommerce industry:
- Very high number of product SKUs being stored in a warehouse facility,
- Products need to be stored or retrieved quickly,
- Mistake proof product and quantity picking,
- Proper and safe handling of products,
- Refilling products on storage racks,
- Effectively removing unsold products out of the inventory,
- Removing perishable products and those nearing expiry date,
- Huge amount of manpower and cost involved in Picking and Refilling,
- Accessibility of product locations to workers,
- Pilferage
- Huge electricity costs due to Lights, Air Conditioners, Continuous use of conveyors, etc
- Scalability,
- Improved utilization of warehouse Storage Space,
- Handling sudden surge of orders especially during promotions or festive season,
- Training new manpower and maintaining consistent performance and quality levels

Robotic Automation Vs other Automation

Why Arkrobot is a Breakthrough in Warehousing Technology?