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Arkrobot Features

Arkrobot is a cutting edge technology that is developed to revolutionize the Automation Industry. The robotic technology has its applications in automation of Fulfillment centers, warehouses, Retail stores, etc. Arkrobot is a mobile arm robot that works at speeds in excess of 4Km/hr, an accuracy of 0.6mm and lifting load in excess of 250 kgs.

Arkrobot is a worldwide patent pending developed using Robotics Technology with 3 degree of freedom. A combination of advanced concepts such as artificial intelligence, swarm intelligence and machine vision systems is used in Arkrobot. Arkrobot is also the world's first and only Robotic drive unit with Arms (patent pending) that can handle products or containers. For the first time, the swarm intelligence techniques enable coordinated effort between multiple Arkrobots to execute tasks of storage or retrieval with a higher degree of efficiency!

  • ARKNETServer Controlled
  • Fulfillment AutomationNo Human intervention
  • Secure WLAN Network
  • Safe to work with Humans
  • Patent Pending
  • No Maintenance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Multiple Robots Networked
  • In line with Global Safety

A typical Arkrobot consists of a wheeled drive unit, a vision sensing unit, navigation unit, moveable extendable arms and sufficient storage space to carry multiple products or containers. Each Arkrobot communicates with the server computer (ARK-NET) that allocates tasks and coordinates with other Arkrobots in the workspace to implement swarm theory. Arkrobots can navigate to any point in the known workspace and store or retrieve product containers. Advanced shortest path and collision avoidance algorithms are used to find the most efficient routes with least resistance to reach inventory locations. These products are then delivered to the worker locations at various Pick stations.

Upon receiving all the products at a pick stations, the worker packs the items and forwards it to the logistics area where it will go out for delivery or assembly. The process can be summarized in 5 simple steps :

1. Request for products
2. Send tasks to Robots and Pickup locations
3. Deliver to Pick worker
4. Pack and Ship Product
5. Restore the product back to locations (or new locations)

Features Details

  • 150 Kgs
  • 4.2 Km/Hr
  • 24V lithium ion
  • 7
  • 75Kgs
  • 24Kms
  • Payload capacity
  • Speed
  • Power Rating
  • Wireless
  • 24/7 Operation
  • No. of carrying containers
  • Dry Weight
  • Traversal Range before recharge

e-Commerce Industry Features

  • Secure Server
  • Application Programming Interface
  • Dynamic Location Allocation
  • Storage and Retrevial Operations
  • Multiple Picking points
  • Multiple Refill Stations
  • Scaleable Modular implementation
  • Unsold/perishable products removal

Server Features

  • Live DashBoard
  • Live Support in dashboard
  • Manual area lockdown
  • Manual inventory allocation
  • 1 click Storage & Retrieval Operation
  • 24/7 process monitoring by engineers
  • 100% Automatic Mode
  • Secure wireless network

Installation & Expansion

  • Weekend Installations
  • Modular implementation process
  • Automated installation
  • Adaptability to any workspace shape & size
  • Scale up as business grows
  • Portable Infrastructure for fast growing business
  • Dynamic Auto allocation of locations
  • Link to existing ERP software for seamless flow