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Arkrobot - A Disruptive Technology

Robotic Automation Vs other Automation

Warehouse automation has had its own evolution spread over a few decades. In the begining workers on foot using gadgets such hand held PDAs walked across the warehouse to pick products. Conveyor systems were also used for sorting and transporting products across huge warehouses. Complex networks of such smart conveyors also evolved to reduce travel distance in warehouse workspace. This technology is used to this day in modern airport terminals for baggage automation. However the pursuit to optimize use of warehouse horizontal & vertical space along with the need quickly retrieve and store inventory led to the development of ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval system).

A break through was made when the ASRS was developed which is leap ahead in terms of efficiency and optimal use of warehouse space. This technology uses bins to store products on multi level inventory racks and a multi axis gantry robotic arm fixed to a track helps retrieve or store any product among an inventory of thousands of products.

In early 2003 then came a disruptive robotic technology using Mobile Robotic Drive units that transported moveable inventory pods to the workers instead of workers going to inventory locations. Multiple robots work as a swarm to store and retrieve products on a gigantic scale making it the most efficient solution of them all. Companies such as Amazon (World leader in Ecommerce) acquired Kiva Systems and uses such advanced automation robots that enables them to handle any sudden surge in order fulfillments such as during festive season and reduce the operational time and cost drastically. Most orders are now fulfilled in minutes bringing down delivery time to hours instead of days!

This Robotic automation solution has really been a technology breakthrough in the last three or four decades for warehouse automation and Fulfillment centers. Companies that use this technology are able to also compete at low cost offerings on products and gain significant market share. Shipping times have been reduced along with the promise of delivering the right products to customers. This leads to customer delight and therefore a pleasant shopping experience. It is a widely known fact that customers build brand loyalty when rendered with a great buying experience.

With the ever expanding Ecommerce industry, scaling up new warehouses and setting up new fulfillment centers also becomes equally important. Robotic Automation solution has helped use warehouse space efficiently and also expand quickly as business grows. It has given a decisive edge for a few companies over the others enabling quick deliveries and reduced cost of product due to manpower replacement. The biggest advantage of such a technology is being able to automatically remove unsold products on time and those that are nearing expiry dates. Robotic drive units are programmed with intelligent algorithms to change product locations dynamically. They store the fast moving products close to the worker locations based on the frequency while the unsold or perishable products are moved towards removal counters and eventually removed without disturbing the overall system.

Advantages over other methods:

Robotic Automation also has a long list of indirect cost savings such as electricity usage. Robotic drive units only move to perform necessary tasks. Whereas conventional conveyor systems and its motors are always kept running and consume a lot of power throughout the day. Robots do not need visible light to work and can work in minimal or complete darkness. Robots do not need Air conditioning or ventilation either leading to power savings. Efficiency is improved over manpower as they do not require resting, lunch or leisure breaks. They rest in the warehouse after shifts and hence do not need pickup or drop facility to their homes :) Robots do not fall temptations to neither stealing nor are error prone hence do not require constant monitoring over security cameras or be frisked each time. All human worker associated factors such as attrition or Job satisfaction are also not native to the robots and hence provide fast growing business a scalability factor.

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