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Arkrobot - A Disruptive Technology

Why is Arkrobot a breakthrough in Robotic Warehouse Automation technology ?

Arkrobot although sounds a familiar concept, it is very different from existing Robotic warehouse automation solutions. Robotic warehouse automations have come in to make human workers highly effecient in many order fulfillment centers. Speed, accuracy and efficiency of these Robots complement human workers to significantly increase throughput and reduce operational costs. Today, in the USA alone there are more than 20,000 Robots installed in gigantic ecommerce and Retail fulfillment centers in companies such as Target and Amazon. These robots have proven to be especially effective in the E-commerce companies where shipping time, accuracy, bandwidth of order processing and cost plays a huge factor. They are not fixed structures and hence can be relocated with ease and scaled up from small to gigantic installations.

Although by now we know the capablities of robotic solutions, Arkrobot comes across as a new disruptive Technology. Arkrobot has arms and drive units that is focused on moving containers rather than inventory pods. It precisely picks the exact product or its container rather than bring an entire inventory pod containing irrelevant items. Its drive unit can navigate across any point in a warehouse to perform picking or stacking tasks. Its principle of operation makes it a much more efficient for order fulfillment than any known robotic drive unit technology. Pick rates are now improved from 50 odd manual picking to over 600 picks/hr! Arkrobot now stands to redefine the warehousing industry!

Factors in comparison that makes Arkrobot the best solution for Warehouse Automation & Fulfillment:

- Virtually Unlimited Vertical Storage Space
Keep stacking them up! In comparison to other Robotic Solutions, with Arkrobot the Storage facility is now no more limited to the height of pick workers. The Arkrobots can extend beyond human reach and source inventory items that were previously not possible. This results in huge cost savings and optimized workflow having all inventories stored at one place than to segment the warehouse or open new warehouses.
Benefits: Savings on Rentals cost, manpower cost, power saving, Infrastructure cost, Transportation Cost, Time, Optimized logistics, Enhanced storage capacity, etc
- Parallel Order Processing
Unlike other Robots, Arkrobot only pickups products that are needed for the pick worker. Hence the other products are available on the inventory shelves to be picked up by another Arkrobot. Thus allow parallel processing and increased pick rates per hour.
Benefits: Lesser robots per square area, Faster order closures, Higher Operator efficiency, etc
- Zero Waiting time for the Pick Worker
An Arkrobot can arrive at the pick worker only after it has found all the necessary products related to an order. Hence a pick worker need not keep an order open with partial items at the picking station and open multiple cases that may lead to confusion.
Benefit: All orders go at once, Cost saving in shipping charges, Customer receives multiple items at once, No confusions or mix-up, etc
- Reduced Robot Traffic
Less number of Robots is employed per square area as robots are highly efficient picking up only products that are needed instead of moving heavy inventory pods. Arkrobot is meant to carry multiple SKUs which are all related to same order instead of multiple robots employed for the job. This leads to shorter transportation routes due to less traffic and reduced waiting time due to lesser obstacles.
Benefits: Faster fulfillment, more order closures per hour, higher rate of product picks, etc
- Power Saving
Arkrobot carries only necessary products which lead to lesser load for the robot. This means that the hardware peripherals used in the Robot consumes less power and hence leads to power saving. The payload required is significantly less.
Benefits: Power cost saving, quick power charging, etc
- Zero Pilferage
The workspace of Arkrobot can be cordoned off completely for people. Arkrobot can work in complete darkness and does not require air conditioning. In fulfillment centers where high value goods are stored, it becomes a factor to ensure the facility is not prone to theft by workers.
Benefits: Savings on Security Camera Installations, Metal Detectors, Manpower, etc

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