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A Few Words About Us

iFuture Robotics, established in 2016 after nearly a decade of experience as an Industrial Automation company. iFuture Robotics is an award winning company at Make in India week and Qprize 2016, Mumbai having received the top spot among 500 Tech Startups.

iFuture Robotics is a company of professional and innovative engineers headed by Rajesh Manpat, a renowned National Medalist in Rifle Shooting and the inventor of Arkrobot (Patent Pending) & Elite Scorer (Patent Pending). We have an in house R & D team with experienced engineers having hands on experience in Industrial Automation, Robotics and Machine Vision. We have a combined experience of over 30 Years in designing and developing automation systems.

iFuture Robotics operates out of Bangalore, the Technology capital of India. We currently offer our products and solutions with ROHS compliance and in-line with global safety standards. Arkrobot, a warehouse automation robot is currently offered to Indian market and we are looking to expand offering into US and European Markets shortly.

Work Culture:

We encourage creative and passionate engineers to think out of the box solutions, innovate to become the most successful Robotics company by creating value for our customers!


1. To automate laborous and critical aspects of Warehousing and Order Fulfillment.
2. Develop cutting edge technology to solve complex problems that are not meant for humans.
3. To continuously add value to our customers and help them cut cost and have supernatural growth.

Why Us

Arkrobot is a breakthrough in automatic order fulfillment technology in over a decade. With numerous patents pending, the technology is a unique solution suited for Ecommerce and other Industries. We offer Arkrobot as a solution to Clients ranging from startups to gigantic scale order fulfillment centers and automated warehouses. We have an inhouse team of Engineers with core competincies in Software, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering who are research driven and problem solvers. We continously upgrade our technology and offer our clients an early advantage over others.

We also believe in adding value to our clients by helping them in cutting their recurring expenditure and turning them into profit making, fast growing companies. With Arkrobot, we bring in added value of unparallel speed and accuracy of order fulfillment leading to end customer's enriched experience. We also help remove the headaches of backend Retail, logistics, warehousing and turn labour intensive tasks into advanced technology led businesses for our customers.


Arkrobot is Inspired by the Make In India campaign, a government of India initiative. Under this initiative we are committed to manufacture products of great reliablity, quality and affordablity such that our work is appreciated by a global audiance.